Stages of grief

When somebody mentions the "stages of grief", what comes to mind? Is it necessarily death or the loss of a loved one? Is it necessarily tied to losing a person (or perhaps pet), or can it be applicable to inanimate things as well? For example, could it be related to a certain stage in your... Continue Reading →



Here is the second piece I presented at the Women in Bio SciArt event and the story behind it. Tortured (2017)   –  12″ x 12″ Traumatic injury to the central nervous system results in an inhibitory environment. This condition presents a serious challenge for neurons that attempt to regenerate. In addition to inhibitory biochemical signals,... Continue Reading →

Women in Bio Panel – “The Intersection of Art and Science”

As many of you might know, I have spent the last few months on an unplanned "sabbatical".  When I stopped working, many people have said "now you will have more time for art".  Little did they know.  Searching for a new opportunity turned out to take up more time and effort than a full-time job.... Continue Reading →

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