Portfolio & Etsy Shop


“Transformation” – 2016

“Tortured” – 2017


Buy Now – Read more about it here

“The Internal Storm” – 2017

The Internal Storm_epilepsy_joint

Read about it here and here.

“Branching Out” – Sholl analysis – 2016

The Royal Astrocyte – 2017

Neuron Astrocyte Co-culture shadow box –  2016




“Guidance” – Neuronal Growth Cone turning assay – 2016

Hippocampal Neuron with Dendritic Spines –  2016



Fuchsia Branch – 2015

Morning Glory – 2015

More items to come soon!

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5 thoughts on “Portfolio & Etsy Shop

  1. these are spectacular! I’m so glad I stumbled across your work/blog/site/shop. I do beadwork and embroidery and (as a rank amateur) gravitate toward scientific/medical things: tweaking photos of chromosomes and Gray’s Anatomy engravings with beads and thread. And I’ve finally taught myself math with crochet. I feel I’ve found a fellow traveler…thanks for that.

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