Filamentous Fibroblast – # 2 in the series

Here is my 2nd creation for the girls' hair clip series.  It is a simplified version of a beautiful image of mouse fibroblasts that made it on the list of "35 Years of the World’s Best Microscope Photography" While I could not recreate the whole glory of these cells in a small hair clip, I... Continue Reading →


Check out my new series

I have recently received a suggestion from a fellow scientist to try making biologically inspired hair clips for young girls.  This idea combines a few passions into one.  First and foremost, it gives me a new avenue to explore in my artwork.  Second, it allows me to makes smaller projects that will be easier to... Continue Reading →

The Cyan Hippocampal Neuron

In October I wrote about a short getaway that brought me some peace.  I wrote about the way I enjoyed that mini-vacation.  The part I omitted however, was the highlight of my stay.  It was right around the time that I started to spread the news about NeuroBead.  I thought I had nothing to lose... Continue Reading →


My adventure through social media

This Tuesday I published my next blog post about Sholl analysis.  Crickets.  For some strange reason it only got one view and no likes.  I guess people are taking off for their holiday break already and/or are busy with last minute gifts. I also tried out the "Get followers" app, which sort of made me... Continue Reading →


“Branching Out” – the story of Sholl analysis 

I have always been attracted to symmetry.  Ever since childhood, symmetry and equilibrium have always put me at ease and gave me a sense of aesthetic satisfaction. In graduate school, I studied the process of differentiation (read "development") of nerve cells called neurons.  Neurons have beautiful architecture, but are never actually symmetrical.  Yet they still... Continue Reading →


The Royal Astrocyte

When I made the decision to start NeuroBead, I began to browse the internet for some inspiring images of neuronal cells in culture. The perfect picture had to meet several criteria. It had to be colorful, bright and vibrant, scientifically accurate and detailed, and yet simple enough to make in my first attempt. For my... Continue Reading →


A touch of spring in December

After digging through my old boxes an assembling the branch of Morning Glory from flowers that I have made ages ago, I felt inspired to make some more arrangements from what I already had in stock.  I found 5 delicate pink flowers of fuchsia, that I have probably made equally long ago. After doing a... Continue Reading →


I am an artist because…

Couldn’t have said it better!

Cristian Mihai

There’s a part of me that believes art to be a primordial aspect of the human condition. Art inspires, art is a way of achieving greatness, of building a better world. Art turns strangers into friends. Without art, without artists, we wouldn’t be ourselves anymore.

Because I feel that within the confines of any artistic form of expression, we allow ourselves to wear a mask. The artist hides behind words or paints or brushes. And he feels safe. He can be anyone he wants to be. His freedom is limitless. And he plays this bizarre game of hide and seek with the rest of the world, constantly changing the rules, until he decides – maybe on a mere subconscious level – to  be himself, thinking that people will never find out.

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