Art therapy

Last weekend was very intense for me. There was a lot of shopping and family activities. Overall, it was good, but I barely got any time to myself.  Over the course of this week, I have been making time to dedicate to NeuroBead every evening, but it was still inadvertently getting mixed with discussions of housework and errands.

Yesterday, I finally got the option to come home about 20 minutes later.  I spent these 20 minutes in a nearby park, doodling in my sketchbook, putting the beading details on the neuron I drew on Tuesday.

I wonder why drawing tiny details on a delicate neuron in the midst of the bustling New York City is so therapeutic for me.  I truly enjoyed that little stretch of peace, and am now  looking forward to implementing this project in 3D.



One thought on “Art therapy

  1. […] disorders introduced me to the “art heals” concept, making art has always had a therapeutic effect on me as well.  It helps me to stay sane amidst the daily chaos, and I am happy to bring that […]


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