Facts and Data

I am a scientist.  I live for data.  I love testing new hypotheses.  In any conversation, work related or not, I look for hard facts rather than impressions.  While this may serve me well in some instances, particularly in the lab, in other parts of my life it sometimes leads to some obsessive and neurotic tendencies.... Continue Reading →


The onion effect

The first time I went to San Francisco, I was probably about 17 years old. My parents and I decided to finally venture out to California for a family vacation. I was impatiently waiting to see the Fog City, after hearing so many great things about it. When we arrived, there was certainly no shortage... Continue Reading →

Mental peace amidst chaos 

It has been more than three weeks since we've moved into the new apartment. The unpacking process is slow and tortured. A lot of things are still in boxes and difficult to find. One of the things that has been out in the open though, is my latest unfinished piece that I referred to in... Continue Reading →


Orange Pleasure 

Yesterday I stopped by to see my graduate school advisor.  When I arrived, he was in a meeting, so I spent some time sitting in the waiting area.  The office has changed over the years since I've left.  Some furniture was upgraded, and names on some office doors have changed.  People are forging their way... Continue Reading →


The Art of Pixelation 

A few years ago I took my daughter to "The Art of the Brick" expo in New York City. At first, my husband and I were pretty skeptical about how interesting it would be. What could you possibly do with Legos that hasn't been done before? We have been to the Legoland in Yonkers, where... Continue Reading →


Image background 

In the majority of scientific techniques, the word "background" has a very negative connotation.  It usually implies that your detection method picked up something else besides the specific signal you were looking for.   People even go as far as calling their images "dirty".   In microscopy, that non-specific "noise" usually appears in the form... Continue Reading →


Different barriers, single drive

About three years ago, I was interviewing for my first job after postdoctoral fellowship. I was determined to "make the leap" into industry, and was thrilled when I found out about the existence of a neuroscience-focused biotech company within a reasonable distance from where I lived. The interview process was long and thorough, making it... Continue Reading →


Dichotomy of 3D renderings of confocal images

We live in a three dimensional world, yet so many things we face every day are two dimensional representations of three dimensional objects.  From paintings and photographs to maps and architectural blueprints, the majority of human creative processes begin on a flat piece of paper.  Of course, technology has shown great progress, making way for... Continue Reading →


Neurons on the move 

My husband and I have just moved to a new apartment this week.  After the movers took care of the furniture and the majority of boxes, we spent the last day personally transporting some of the more precious items.  Among them were some of my most recent NeuroBead pieces.  As we were getting out of... Continue Reading →


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