Stages of grief

When somebody mentions the "stages of grief", what comes to mind? Is it necessarily death or the loss of a loved one? Is it necessarily tied to losing a person (or perhaps pet), or can it be applicable to inanimate things as well? For example, could it be related to a certain stage in your... Continue Reading →

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Role of art in science, education and medicine

For centuries art has been used as a universal method of communication.  Art can portray outer and inner beauty, emotional state, or a fleeting feeling.  It can attract a viewer's attention to the big picture by portraying an overarching message, or a tiny detail emphasizing a very personal experience.  Here I will describe how scientifically... Continue Reading →

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“The Mind” – an artistic experiment – Part II

This work and its counterpart started out as a little sketch in my bullet journal.  I had the idea of creating two "identical" pictures.  One showing empty space in the shape of a neuron and the other being its mirror image that is filled with an actual cell.  Here's the birth certificate of this idea.... Continue Reading →

Trying a new approach in my art

Last year, I wrote about my negative view of a large percentage of abstract art (with some exceptions).  My view of SciArt has always been that true scientific images/concepts should be accurately depicted (with some room for slight embellishment). While many people show the true natural beauty of scientific images, I also see a lot... Continue Reading →


One of the major challenges in the field of neuroscience is the poor ability of neurons to regenerate after acute injury.  Conditions such as spinal cord injury sever the neuronal connections, leading to permanent paralysis with no treatments currently available.  After birth, the vast majority of neurons lose their ability to divide and create new cells,... Continue Reading →

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